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28 Aug 2023

How do I transcribe a video from Vimeo (or TED or Instagram or Twitter or TikTok or etc.) ?

Automatically transcribing a Vimeo video is not that difficult all. It can be done in just a few steps.

12 Mar 2023

Interviews unlocked: the Power of Transcription Tools

Transcription tools are an incredibly valuable asset for any interviewer. They provide a way to easily and efficiently transcribe interviews, which can then be used for a variety of purposes.

21 Dec 2022

VoiceToScript Explained

VoiceToScript is the automated transcription service that makes transcribing audio and video content fast, easy, and affordable.

01 Feb 2022

8 Tips for transcribing interviews bettter and faster.

Here are the tips to do this boring job faster

30 Mar 2021

Minuting your online (Zoom) meeting in 4 steps.

Convert a Zoom meeting to text in just 4 steps!

10 Nov 2020

Speaker recognition in interviews.

When transcribing an interview, you naturally also want to know who is speaking.

26 Oct 2020

Improve your Video Marketing with Subtitles

Increase the impact of your internet video messages by adding subtitles.

20 Oct 2020

VoiceToScript launches its Transcription Service

VoiceToScript has completely revamped its website and transcription service.

Audio and Video

Upload your recording. And in minutes get the text by email.

Speech --> text

Turn speech automatically into text and edit it with Word.

Secure and Reliable

Accuracy up to 95%! Multiple speakers. In over 50 languages.