User Feedback

It has helped me a lot, thank you very much!

Perez (Spain)
I was surprised by the speed and how well done.

Xavier (Spain)
Fast translation, well transcribed and translated too.

Dagmar (Germany)
Perfect as always.

pfr (Germany)
A wonderful development, this possibility of converting the spoken word into writing. It is admirable how even punctuation marks are usually correctly placed and direct speech is often correctly recognized.

Bernard (Germany)
Only 3 words translated out of 20 Minutes Audio.
VoiceToScript: We think you might have picked the wrong spoken language. You selected the Chinese language (Hong Kong: hz-HK). Is this correct? We have reimbursed your credits.

Anonymous (Germany)
Delivers what is promised

Jose (Netherlands)
Easy file upload. Neatly worked out transcript for interview 2 people. First 20 minutes free

Wyke (Netherlands)
Great - very satisfied

Max (Germany)

Ramiro (Spain)
Better than the apps I've tried so far.

CvK (Netherlands)
Wonderful Tool.

Carolina (Spain)
I am glad that it was possible to print the speech. But is was not perfect and I had to correct it myself. I will reccommend your app if I was asked to give a solution in that area.

Cams (Danmark)
Most words were recognized, but better recognition of punctuation marks would be desirable.

Suzanne (Germany)
Excellent transcription.

Remy (France)
It's amazing what's possible today. Not all words or punctuation marks are reproduced correctly, but this can usually be easily corrected.

- (Germany)
Simply fast. It's great that unclear words are highlighted in color.

Iris (Germany)
Convincing. Thanks for making it free to test.

Daniela (Germany)
It is a good program and easy to use

Anonymous (Spain)
Very satisfactory because the recording was not intended for a written transcription by a transcription program. So we were not attentive to certain things. And the result is very good!

Chantal (Belgium)
Super convenient and fast. Used for my thesis to automatically transcribe interviews. Good transcriptions!

Bea (Netherlands)
Easy to use. But not 100 percent accurate transcription.

Fritz (Germany)
Good and fast transcription.

Isabelle (Germany)
Everything is completely uncomplicated.

Wolfgang (Germany)
An excellent service, easy to use and with good results. I had been looking for a while for software that would allow me to convert the audio from videos to text. Thanks!

Raineri (Italy)
I found directly transcribing YouTube videos very easy and without many errors. This way I was able to put a number of video speeches on paper.

Karin (Nederland)
I am completely satisfied. I use VoiceToScript again and again and it makes my work a lot easier. THANKS.

Nina (Germany)
Great, sustainable service! Many thanks to the service team!

Theo (Germany)
Most of the transcribed text is perfect, but ... there are issues which require manual corrections. On a 5 kByte large text be prepared for to fix 5 to 10 issues (error rate of up to 1%) on professional recordings.

Claudio (Germany)
Well done!

Anonymous (Germany)

Theo (Germany)
I used it to transcribe a german interview and it worked almost perfectly,except for some specific quantum physics words

Paul (Germany)
Thank you for all the effort you make to succeed in reaching this level. Which is extra ordinary for me to be able to decipher even dialects. Well done and thank you again.

Hass (France)

Anonymous (Spain)
It is a good program and easy to use.

Ignacio (Spain)
It is a very bad transcription, it cannot be understood. Other applications have done much better with this same video.
VoiceToScript: I am afraid you selected the wrong spoken language (Spanish instead of English). No credits have been deducted from your account, so you can try it again for free.

Anonymous (Spain)
Super fast and easy !!!

Leo (Romania )
great job
fast and correct!

Zoe (Spain)
A thousand thanks for the awesome help. So grateful! Regards Christina

Christina (Sweden)
He wrote everything down very well for me, just as I wanted

- (Spain)
Hello, The transcription is usable, but not without errors. Hence the rating of 4 stars

- (Austria)
The first transcription site that actually transcribes from other languages AND translates them!

- (Hungary )

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